A scrumptious grass fed hamburger patty hot off the grill topped with delicious tomato chutney loaded with ginger and garlic — no bun necessary. Or seared pork chop with the pan deglazed with blueberry catsup — sweet, tart and spicy. Used for twenty years in our catering business, and bottled in 2008, Sweet Hot Tomato Chutney and Blueberry Catsup are Marjorie June’s signature sauces, delicious and naturally gluten free.

After discovering a gluten sensitivity, we embraced the challenge of adding gluten free baked goods to our product line. This process began by testing many gluten free flour blends until discovering that our simple gluten free flour combination produced the best results and baked goods that anyone would want to eat.

where to buy...
Boise Flower & Garden Show at the Grove
Boise Center on the Grove
March 21-23, 2013

The Boise Farmers Market 2013
On 11th between Front and Grove
April 6th through May — every Saturday from 9 am - 1 pm

Buy Marjorie June's Legacy Kitchen sauces everyday at:
Boise Co-Op (Boise) • Smoky Davis (Boise) • The Merc (Garden Valley)

Sauces, assorted baked goods, and gluten-free flour blend available at:
a'Tavola (Boise)
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